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The socio-economic, cultural and environmental role of Designation of Origin in rural areas

Designations of origin play a significant role in the deveolpment of rural areas. Their importance was made clear after the conference ” The socio-economic, cultural and environmental role of Designations of Origin in rural areas”, wich took place in April in Olite and gathered different Designations of Origin.

Designations of Origin play a significant role in different aspects of the development of rural aereas, but their effect is mainly felt at the socio-economic, cultural and environmental levels. The conference “THe socio-economic, cultural and environmental role of Designation of Origin in rural areas” -jointly organised by Red Rural Nacional, [National Rural Network], the  Conferencia Española de Consejos Reguladores Vitivinícolas (CECRV) [Spanish Conference of Winemaking Supervisory Boards] and Origen España – gathered together different Designations of Origin in April in Olite. D.O. Getariako Txakolina was among them.

During the meeting, different Designations of Origin (both winemakers and other agricultural food producers) shared their experiences. Experts from the academic, environmental and communication fields were also present, highlighting the benefits that Designations of Origin offer in their areas. These are som of the conclusions they reached:

  • They manage the Territory and encourage the population to remain there, inspiring the wish to live and develop projects in rural areas, as well as promoting and facilitating generational change-over.
  • They preserve ando provide a boost for biodiversity, helping in the  fight against climate change.
  • Besides local and native products, they also promote the historical and artistic patrimony of the area.

In this regard, the D.O. Getariako Txakolina, wich celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has managed to give stability to the production of a wine wich, in the early 80s, was on the point of extinction. Long live Getariako Txakolina!

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