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Have a meal in a txakoli winery: Getariako Txakolina wineries with restaurant

If there’s one thing that makes our region stand out, it’s the excellent gastronomy (as well as our txakoli, of course). You can enjoy both things in some Getariako Txakolina wineries: a good meal accompanied by txakoli produced in the winery. If the surroundings are pleasing –as is the case of our wineries with restaurant– the experience is totally unforgettable.

Villabona, Hondarribia, Alkiza and Orio. Outstanding wine tourism destinations in our region, where in addition to discovering four active Getariako Txakolina wineries –Hika, Hiruzta, Inazio Urruzola and Katxiña– you’ll be able to enjoy the best local cuisine in exceptional surroundings.

Hika (Amasa-Villabona)

Classic restaurant concept within a modern txakoli winery surrounded by vineyards at the very heart of the Oria valley, with views of Mount Ernio. 

At Hika Gastronomiko, the chef Roberto Ruiz demonstrates Basque culture’s love of good cuisine with simple, concise and well-executed recipes, giving added value to local produce and the close relationship with suppliers.

Contact information (Restaurant and Reservations):
+34 943 142 709
Web de Bodega Hika y Gastronomiko by Roberto Ruiz

Asador Sutan - Bodega Hiruzta (Hondarribia)

Hiruzta winery restaurant, with spectacular views of the vineyards and the mountain landscape of Peñas de Aia. At Sutan, the Txapartegi brothers prepare local and seasonal cuisine: vegetables from local farmsteads, local fish, wild mushrooms, meat, cheese, etc., cooked fresh on the charcoal grill and matched with Txakoli Hirutza.

Contact Information (Asador Sutan):
+34 943 11 60 00
Website of Hiruzta - Sutan

Restaurante Inazio Urruzola (Alkiza)

With spectacular views of the Hernio massif, the Inazio Urruzola Restaurant and winery is located in Alkiza. The building is inspired by the work of the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza.
The Inazio Urruzola Restaurant offers different tasting menus matching traditional gastronomy with txakolis produced by the winery.

Contact Information:
+34 658 734 471
Arana Bailara, 18, 20494 Alkiza, Gipuzkoa
Website of Inazio Urruzola

Restaurante Katxiña (Orio)

The Katxiña Winery Restaurant in Orio combines excellent charcoal grilled food with signature cuisine, with a special emphasis on seasonal produce. Boasting spectacular views, the dining room forms part of the winery where Katxiña txakoli is produced. A complete experience.

Barrio Ortzaika, 20, 20810 Orio (Gipuzkoa)
Tel. 943 580 166 / 606 367 693
Website of Katxiña

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