Sleep in a Txakoli Winery

Sleep among txakoli wineries: a unique wine tourism experience

Yes, in addition to visiting some Getariako Txakolina wineries or having a meal in them, you can also sleep among txakoli vineyards. Two of our wineries, located in Getaria, have hotels, so you can have a complete “Getariako Txakolina” experience. Do you know about them?

Gaintza Hotel

The Gaintza winery hotel is a small 6-bedroom hotel located in exceptional surroundings, set among txakoli vineyards and with spectacular sea views. As well as tours of its winery, the Gaintza hotel offers its guests different activities and suggestions so they can enjoy the surroundings and the area's culture and gastronomy.

Contact information and reservations:
Gaintza Hotel (Getaria)
Tel. +34 943 89 60 38
Barrio San Prudentzio 26
Carretera Meagas
20808 Getaria · Gipuzkoa

Ameztoi Experience

The Ameztoi txakoli winery hotel offers its guests stunning views of the vineyards and the sea. Ameztoi Experience is a small 4-bedroom hotel in which you can also enjoy different experiences: guided tours of the winery, private tastings, a produce tasting room, strolls through the vineyards, and an open-air jacuzzi to be enjoyed while gazing at the stars. 

Contact information and reservations:

Ameztoi Experience
Tel. 943 06 09 46
Barrio Eitzaga, 10 - Apdo. 246
20808 - GETARIA (Gipuzkoa)

    Regulatory Board of the Designation of Origin of GETARIAKO TXAKOLIN

    Parque Aldamar, 4 bajo.

    20808 Getaria, Gipuzkoa. (País Vasco)

    Tel.: 943 14 03 83

    Fax: 943 89 60 30