Cata Maridaje Getariako Txakolina en Kofradía Itsas Etxea

Getariako Txakolina Gastronomic Combination — Red Tuna: a Sensational Experience in Kofradia Itsas Etxea

Last week, we enjoyed a sensational event in Kofradia Itsas Etxea: the marriage of red tuna and Getariako Txakolina D.O., a gastronomic combination workshop led by the enologist Mikel Garaizabal with the gastronomic offering from Aitzol Zugasti. Yes, it sounds good… and it tasted even better!

One Thursday 24 September at the Kofradia Itsas Etxea in Donostia-San Sebastián , a gastronomic combination workshop took place with the txakolis of  the Designation of Origin Getariako Txakolina. The event, entitled “Marriage: Red tuna and Getariako Txakolina D.O.” showed that purely local products such as red tuna from the Cantabrian Sea and Getariako Txakolina make a perfect marriage.

The workshop comprised the tasting of 4 txakolis from Getaria accompanied by 4 pintxos made with Cantabrian Sea red tuna. The 4 txakolis chosen for this occasion were from the Akarregi Txiki, Gañeta, Sagamiña and Txomin Etxaniz wineries.


The gastronomic combinations: 4 pintxos for 4 Getaria txakolis

The proposal of Aitzol Zugasti to accompany these 4 txakolis was 4 pintxos made with red tuna from the Cantabrian Sea:

- Tuna mini ramen
- Marinated tuna with potatoes and sauce
- Lightly smoked tuna with tomato and basil
- Tuna tartare

With intensely coloured tasty flesh, the red tuna of the Cantabrian Sea, as well as being small, has a shorter fin. This characteristic gives it the name “Hegamotza”, short fin in Basque.

A gastronomic combination that the enologist Mikel Garaizabal explained with his clarifications, with which he accompanied and guided the participants into an appreciation of the different nuances, tastes and aromas of both Cantabrian products.

The enclave of the place where the event was held, the Kofradia Itsas Etxea, located in the recovered space of the “aircraft carrier” on the quayside of San Sebastián, made this a great experience to get to know our products. A sensational experience, which we hope to do again soon!



Cata Maridaje Getariako Txakolina en Kofradía Itsas Etxea

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