Bertsoa Sutan Bertsozale Elkartea Chillida Leku

Bertsoa Sutan: Cooking and ‘Bertso’ at Chillida Leku

On Saturday 17 October, Bertsoa Sutan took place at Chillida Leku, a sensational event bringing together gastronomy and ‘bertso’ (traditional Basque musical verse), two key elements of our culture. An encounter which united our txakoli with the cider of Euskal Sagardoa, both of which are drinks deeply rooted in our land. 

Bertsoa Sutan, “Bertso in Flames”, an event held at Chillida Leku, combined gastronomy with ‘bertsolarismo’, the art of improvised chanting so characteristic of the Basque Country. The chosen location was Chillida Leku, the museum devoted to the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida. And to round off the meal, it was accompanied by two genuine drinks: the cider of Euskal Sagardoa and the txakoli of Getariako Txakolina.

Gastronomy and ‘Bertso’

The kitchen was taken care of by the cooks Maialen Cano and Aitzol Zugasti, while the ‘bertsolaris’ Maite Berriozabal, Andoni Egaña and Oihana Iguaran improvised their ‘bertsos’. An unforgettable event organised by Bertsozale Elkartea which we were able to enjoy in unique surroundings, Chillida Leku.


What is ‘bertso’?

Those reading this in other parts of the world might not be familiar with ‘bertso’ and ‘bertsolarismo’. Here is a short description:

“Bertsolarismo is a discourse carried out by chanting, rhyming and measuring. However, the tone, the rhyme and the metre are mere technical aspects of the bertso.”

El arte del bertsolarismo: realidad y claves de la improvisación oral vasca [The Art of Bertsolarism: reality and keys of Basque oral improvisation
Joxerra Garzia, Andoni Egaña and Jon Sarasua.

As you can read in this link, it is certain that ‘bertsolarismo’ and the phenomenon of improvisation date back to prehistoric times. It is linked to the birth of the oral tradition.

Photos: Bertsozale Elkartea


Bertsoa Sutan Bertsozale Elkartea Chillida Leku

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